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All-Games HMD Post

Please leave any comments about my playing here. I will do my best to get back to all of you. Screening on. Anonymous on. IP log off. I think? I'm terrible at this.

Please note in your comment which game you are critiquing. Thanks!
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Feel free to comment here, private message this journal, or reach out to me via the following channels:

Private Plurk: [plurk.com profile] duches77
Email: sailorgundam06 [at] gmail
AIM: Duches77, Sailor Gundam 06, Nadleehs Virtue
Yahoo: sailor_gundam_06
MSN: SailorGundam06 [at] hotmail
ICQ: 6820043
Google: Duches77
Personal Journal: [personal profile] sailorgundam06
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» Age: 18
» Seeking: uhhh...
» Preferences: none?
» Interests: piloting, training... i dont have a third
» Bio: im just doing this because i have to
base code by photosynthesis
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This is the IC inbox for Keith. I'll pretty it up later. ^_^;
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Original Post


1. I don't pay shit forward. I broke some of his ribs, told a stranger to call an ambulance and left.

2. You raised your weapon over your head and screamed at him, what else did you think it would happen?

3. Guess who has pictures of you sleeping with the cow?

4. She told me that she had to rub her face against me because she was part cat.

5. He dropped his pants to show me where he was stabbed and now I can't get the image out of my head. Help.

6. Text him!
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Original Post


1. i just watched a 7 minute video on people making a hot air balloon for their dog and i am a changed person

2. Look, the coffee machine died a noble death. It was the way it would have wanted to go. It was a mercy exploding, really.

3. We had to push you home in an abandoned shopping cart. You thought you were in a pirate boat and kept yelling "AVAST, ME HEARTIES".

4. Despite breaking my phone, thumb, and my dignity, last night was pretty good.

5. I've achieved a new state of being which is sustained only by coffee and unrelenting rage

6. He just jumped up off the couch, screamed "IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND!" And then attempted to fly out the window like a bird. I don't know nor do I care to know what just happened.

7. (text him)
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Just some PSLs ^_^
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